Shop safely with SSL encryption in the DORIS-PRINTS online shop

When shopping in our online shop you do not have to worry about your credit card and payment details, because our online shop is SSL encrypted.
What does that mean exactly? Your data, such as credit card data and your shipping address, are encrypted and encrypted so that no one else can read the data. This guarantees you maximum security for your online shopping at DORIS-PRINTS. Sensitive data such as bank details or credit card data are thus protected against misuse. Since we are very concerned about the safety of our customers when shopping in the online shop, it is important to us to create the highest level of trust.

How you can tell that you are surfing and shopping safely!

In the future, Google will also help you to recognize whether you are surfing on a secure website or not by stating in your interbrowser that it is an insecure connection. What can happen if you shop in an online shop that is not SSL encrypted? In a webshop that is not encrypted with SSL, your payment and credit card data will not be cryptically passed on to the server of the website and so cybercriminals can get your personal data and misuse them for their purpose.
Therefore, every time you shop online, you should make sure that you shop in an SSL-encrypted web shop such as

If you take a look at the web address in your internet browser, you will see that there is now a lock symbol in front of and the address begins with https: // instead of http: //. This is an indication that you are surfing on an encrypted website. If you shop in an online shop, you should make sure that the order and payment process is encrypted. In the online shop of DORIS-PRINTS you do not have to worry - your address data and payment data are of course encrypted when you enter various personal data in the browser. The SSL certificate ensures that the data cannot be read by unauthorized persons, but that the browser only transfers the data to our server in encrypted form to process the ordering process.

SSL encryption to protect your data

The SSL encryption used in our online shop protects your highly sensitive data. You can shop safely on our website and you do not have to worry about the security of your credit card details. The following secure payment methods are available in the online shop:
•  PayPal:  The simple, fast and secure payment method.
•  Credit card:  With us you can pay safely by MasterCard or Visa in the online shop.
•  Bank transfer:  Simply transfer to the DORIS-PRINTS account.
•  Sofortü  Fast and secure payment directly from your account.
No matter which payment method you use in our online shop - your data is encrypted thanks to SSL and you can be sure that your data is protected.

Have fun shopping safely at